The vision of the College of Oil and Gas Engineering is  leading  the engineering of extractive and transformational industries  of oil and gas at the national and regional levels

The mission of Oil and Gas Engineering is to qualify engineers are capable of teamwork, creativity and innovation equipped with knowledge to serve the community in accordance with the latest contemporary technical developments to advance the extractive and transformational industries of oil and gas by upgrading the quality of learning according to international standards


 1. Preparing qualified engineering staff for the labor market by providing them with the basics of knowledge in the supporting petroleum engineering disciplines.

 2. Familiarity with and acquaintance with the latest contemporary technologies of oil operations through field experience and Agreements with international universities for training and for certain periods

 3. Familiarity with the means of technology and modern teaching methods and how to deal with them.

 4. Continuous and effective evaluation of the scientific curricula of the college departments and their development according to international standards

 5. Conducting engineering projects and academic and applied research that serve the oil fields.

 6. Develop students’ abilities in scientific fields and develop their artistic, sports and creative skills

 7. Cultivating confidence between the student and the professor by activating educational guidance activities and making continuous meetings with


 8.Following up the quality of work, organizing it, and adopting accuracy through evaluation and follow-up, according to ISO priorities

 9. Instilling the ethics of the profession in the hearts of graduates

 10. Contribute to community service and the environment

 11. Creation of postgraduate programs

 12. Strengthening community partnership and international cooperation

 13. Develop the college's own financial resources

 14. Developing the skills of the technical and administrative staff in the college